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4 Tips for a More Traditional Home Design

For some people, a highly modern and minimalistic home is a must-have, as they favour a fresh and contemporary design that looks towards the future. For others, however, it may be a case of having a passion for traditional design, whether that’s deep colours, antique furniture, or a more maximalist setup. It can be much more difficult to achieve a more traditional home aesthetic than it is to focus on modern updates, so here are four tips to help. 

  1. Hide Modern Features 

No matter how much you plan out a more traditional home, you’re always going to need modern installations to live, such as electronic plugs, wires, thermostats, or other smart tech features to help for a happy home. These installations can easily ruin a traditional design scheme, however, so thinking of creative ways to keep these features out of view will help with your home’s aesthetic.

You may want to put a painted wooden box cover over a wall thermostat; you can place your TV inside an antique cabinet so that you can close the doors over tech items when you’re not using them; you can also think about ways of organising and hiding wires behind furniture or under flooring to keep them out of sight. 

  1. Choose Traditional Wood Over Modern Glossy Finishes 

Wooden features, especially those of a darker hue like rosewood or chestnut rather than light pine, can really help bring a traditional home esthetic to life. You should think about implementing wood wherever possible, both with your interior design and when it comes to home updates. 

This could include: 

  • Choosing traditional wooden windows instead of white PVC 
  • Wooden doors with a traditional feel instead of modern doors 
  • Wooden furniture, such as coffee tables, dining tables, and bookcases, instead of glass or other more modern materials 
  • A wooden bed frame with a higher, more intricate headboard rather than a modern divan or metal bedframe 
  1. Think About Deeper and Richer Colors 

When you think of modern design schemes, you may think of fresh and bright white. For traditional designs, deeper and bolder colors are better. This could be rich plums, deep reds, refreshing blues, or relaxing greens. This could be directly on the walls in terms of paint colors, or it could be through fabric choices for furniture. Wallpaper in deep colors is also a good idea, at the very least with a focal wall to draw the eye. 

That isn’t to say that you can’t accomplish a more traditional design scheme when using white or cream walls. To do this, you’ll just need to overcompensate with furniture and artwork to keep the aesthetic traditional when maintaining minimalist walls

  1. Avoid Flatpack Furniture 

You can most certainly still achieve a traditional home look with flatpack furniture, provided you choose something in the right style, such as dark wooden pieces rather than glossy white. However, if you’re really looking for your home to feel like a step back in time, you might want to spend your time browsing second-hand stores or antique stores instead to find period pieces that fit your aesthetic much better than brand-new flatpack items.

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