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5 places to visit in the UK with your partner in 2021

The UK is surely a great place to visit once in a lifetime. Not only it has plenty of forts, castles, and historically famous places but is also filled with several attractive places to visit with your romantic partner. All of these places are close to London and do not even demand heavy expenses. Among these amazing places, the following are the best 5 that you can consider planning to go with your partner –

1.            Bath – Sure you might have heard of this famous and beautiful Roman place. The hot springs of this place have some kind of healing power, if nothing else, you’ll find peace here. The buildings in this town have golden polish which gives the city a glamorous 18th-century look. The bath was built in 1894 and still stands strong unchanged. You will also not have any difficulty at all if you decide to have a stay in the city since there are plenty of accommodation options available.

2.            Edinburg – Edinburg is the capital city of Scotland and is actually known for the number of couples visiting here for their honeymoon. Edinburg is also famous for its food which has an excellent and unbeatable gourmet scent. The restaurants offer all kinds of cuisines ranging from traditional Scottish food to modern candlelight bistro. It’s a nice place to propose to your partner with a lab grown diamonds uk ring.

3.            Llanddwyn Island – It is a small tidal island that lies on the west coast of the Anglesey. It is the perfect spot for romantic partners. You’ll find a lot of couples hanging around you; this gives the spot that romantic vibe. You can also enjoy small treks as it has small rock formations and hills spread all across the Island. There are no accommodation issues as well. You may choose one of the cottages from the chateaux to snug cottages.

4.            York – York is full of packed buildings and different landmarks, the most visited one is the York Minster. This walled city was built back then by Romans but is still relevantly romantic for every couple. You can buy a guided tour for a detailed and wholesome tour with your partner. The major attraction of the city is the quirky ghost walk which is held on its street. If you think you are brave enough, you must definitely give it a try. And then there are all the bustling bars for you to enjoy a traditional romantic evening or candlelight dine.

5.            London – Last but not least, how can we not talk about London, the heart and the capital city of the UK when it comes to romantic places in the UK. You can visit London with your loved one in any season. In summers, you can enjoy the mesmerizing sprawling parks and chill walk along the river Thames. Whereas in winters, you can take advantage of Christmas and visit various markets and ice rinks. It is the most happening city in the UK so you can also think of arranging your engagement ceremony in the city. You will also find lab grown diamond engagement rings very easily and at a reasonable cost in the markets of London. 

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