An Excellent Winter Atlanta Sod Guide Covering All Elements

No doubt that spring and summer are the best time for installing the sod grass. But in locations where the weather is cold most of the time around the year; the sod grass that thrives in winter is laid.

Fundamental Questions About Winter Atlanta Sod Guide

But when people lay the Atlanta Sod in winter; they face several difficulties. This is because they are not aware of the proper maintenance that has to be taken care of the sod. So to avoid facing difficulties; it is best that you first ask the following questions and then take the next step.

Why Consider Planting Sod In Winter?

Professional sod laying experts believe that the frost and snow that fall during the winter season will be a substitute for the water. You will not need to water the sod grass as often as expected.

Are Sod Grass Available For Winter Season?

Yes, a few varieties of sod grass are available that can be suitable for areas that have cold weather. Although some summer and transit sod grass can also be a good choice but Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, St. Augustine, and centipede can be laid.

How To Prepare The Soil For Sod?

As the qualities and features of the sod laid in the winter are different from others, so in the same way, the preparation of the ground will be distinct as suggested by the sod suppliers company including Atlanta Sod Farms. The water application is minimal and the fertilizer is skipped when the grass goes dormant.

Will Sod Grass Thrive On Frozen Ground?

A few points have to consider before laying the sod on frozen ground. Never leave the sod grass outside and don’t delay the installation even for a day. If the ground is frozen then don’t water it and just rake the soil.

Encompass All Elements Through Sod Guide

If you are determined to lay the sod grass in the winter then you should be aware of some of the points of properly maintaining the sod grass. You must be confused that grass needs looking after in the winter? Well, yes although caring is not much still the following things have to be taken care of.

Applying Fertilizer In Winter

Atlanta Sod in Georgia when laid in winter has to be taken care of just like in the summer season. People think that fertilizers are only applied in summer. But if you want to have a great green sod in winter then apply fertilizer as recommended; even in winter. 

Choose The Right Time

This point has to be noted in both the summer and winter the sod grass has to be installed immediately; as soon as it reaches you. In the summer; the sod will wither away if left in the sun. During the winter the sod will freeze and will not install.

Late Fall Season Is Best Time

Laying sod in late fall will prove very beneficial because it is a moderate season when the weather conditions are perfect. The climate is neither too hot nor extremely cold.

Aerate The Soil More Often

As frost and snow can make the ground hard and making air difficult to reach the roots of the Atlanta Sod; the techniques of aeration have to be applied more often.

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