Best bathroom soap dispenser in 2020

A soap dispenser is one of the most necessary products to have in your home. Especially in 2020, when we have an unprecedented pandemic right in front of us. A soap dispenser allows you to wash your hands without doing any physical contact with the soap.

It helps you maintain hygiene while making sure that you get the contactless hand cleaning experience. These dispensers come with IR technology that senses a hand and starts pouring some soup on your hands.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best bathroom soap dispensers in 2020. These soap dispensers are preferred by the customers for their easy to use approach.

Solvac Automatic Soap Dispenser 500 ML

Solvac has been one of the leading companies to manufacture soap dispensers. This model of their soap dispenser has everything that you look for in an ideal soap dispenser for your bathroom. The IR technology allows you to get a contactless hand washing experience with this product.

It made it to the first rank in our article because of its convenient and attractive design. It can store 500ML of liquid soap that ensures that you do not need to refill it all the time. Additionally, it is not limited to the soaps as it can be used for hand sanitizers and other cleaning liquids too.

Hence, it is a great choice for someone looking for a soap dispenser for their home or restaurant.

Features of Solvac Automatic Soap Dispenser 500 ML

Long Battery Life: the unit comes with a long battery life that serves you continuously. Additionally, the design protects the battery from the liquid to avoid any problem with the product.

Volume Control: The thing about this Soap dispenser is the volume control feature that helps you customize the amount of soap that comes out of the unit. Just adjust the volume, and you will be good to go.

Kohler Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

A soap dispenser with an amazing design is a great addition to your bathroom accessories. If you are looking for a contactless soap dispenser for your office, bathroom, or restaurant, then just end your search and go for this one.

This soap dispenser works with foaming and liquid soap giving you the option to choose any one of them. This is something that you may not find in other leading soap dispensers. It comes with a black and attractive design that suits all types of bathroom accessories.

The 20-second feature that allows you to count your hand washing time is the thing that makes it unique. We love this soap dispenser and recommend you to try this one out.

Features of Kohler Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

20 Second Timer: It comes with a 20-second timer to ensure that you wash your hands for enough time. It is a fun activity for the kids and helps them follow the WHO guidelines of handwashing activities.

Easy to Fill: You can easily fill the dispenser with the soap through its window. Additionally, you can check the soap level from the same window to never run out of soap in between your handwashing activities.

vPlus Automatic Soap Dispenser

Our third best soap dispenser is manufactured by vPlus that deals with similar products. It has been one of the most convenient and eco-friendly dispensers that we have come across. It is built with high-quality stainless steel to make it durable for its customers.

It is easy to install and comes with all the parts attached ready to use. Just attach it to a wall and start using the finest quality soap dispenser. If you are looking for a soap dispenser to use for a long time, this unit is the right one for you.

However, it may work with only liquid soap and requires you to make your decision considering this factor.

Features of vPlus Automatic Soap Dispenser

Durable Material: The product comes with the stainless steel that makes it one of the most durable soap dispensers. Hence, you can use it in your office without thinking much about its durability.

Volume Adjuster: We have seen that most of the people do not understand how much soap they need. That is why you can customize the soap volume to avoid wasting any soap or water while washing your hands.

AndPlay Bathroom Kitchen Soap Dispenser

It is time for our all-rounder soap dispenser that suites in your bathroom, kitchen, office, and restaurants. The design of this soap dispenser attracts a lot of people, and its sleek design makes it easier to install anywhere. It does not need much space to install it properly.

One unit offers you to fill 400ML at a time. However, you can add more space to your soap dispenser by attaching its external packet of 200ML. It means that you can use it at your office for frequent use without worrying about the refills.

Features of AndPlay Bathroom Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Unique Design: It comes with a unique design that is attractive and takes less space at the same time. If you have bought one dispenser earlier, you may understand how hard it is to find one with both the qualities.

Automatic Soap Dispenser: You do not need to touch the soap dispenser as it works on IR technology.

SVAVO Soap Dispenser

Another great pick for the design lovers. It is made of high-quality plastic and is just fine for your bathroom and office. It helps you maintain hygiene with its infrared technology that senses the movement to dispense the soap.

You do not need anyone to install it for you as the unit comes with all the items attached to it. You just have to take it and find a suitable place for your new soap dispenser.

Features of SVAVO Soap Dispenser

Eco-Friendly: It is manufactured from PETG plastic that is free from BPA and provides more strength to the unit. You can expect it to give you an amazing hand washing experience without investing much in it.

Volume Adjuster: You can adjust the volume of the soap as per your preferences. There are three different modes and you can choose any one of them depending on the occasion or situation.

JENTXON Automatic Soap Dispenser

Attractive Design, easy to install, long-lasting soap packet. Jentxon Automatic soap dispenser has everything you look for in an idol dispenser for your bathroom. Like other dispensers, It uses infrared technology to sense the hand to release the soap from the unit.

It works well and the sensor is fast and accurate too. The best thing is that you can use it for shampoo, soap, sanitizer, and all other liquids. The battery part is properly secured from the water and it works fine.

Features of JENTXON Automatic Soap Dispenser

Excellent Sensor: It comes with an excellent sensor that senses the hand from 5 cm. It is so precise and does not waste a drop of soap from the dispenser.

Easy to Clean: It is made with such a design that makes it easier to clean. You just need to open the window shutter parts and clean the dispenser without any mess.

Hanamichi Touchless Soap Dispenser

Hanamichi is one of the biggest names in the home and self-care appliances. This touchless soap dispenser is a great choice for those looking for an easy to use soap dispenser. Like others, it works on infrared technology to detect the hand movement to avoid soap wastage.

It comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers in case you find any problem in the unit. Additionally, you get the waterproof design that eliminates the chances of having a problem with this dispenser.

Features of Hanamichi Touchless Soap Dispenser

Adjustable Volume: Different volume options for different occasions. Just change the volume bar from the unit and save extra soap on every hand wash.

Material Durability: It is made from ABS plastic to make it durable for some frequently long term uses.


With thousands of products in the market, it is a big challenge to find the right Soap Dispenser for your bathroom. Our list of 7 best bathroom soap dispenser makes it easier for you to choose your next one. No matter if you are looking for a hand soap dispenser or liquid soap dispenser, the list has got something for you.

Just choose your favorite hand soap dispenser and add a new bathroom accessory to your home or office.

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