7 Widely used best electric knife in 2020

Having a great set of electric knives at your kitchen is a great time saver. Additionally, it is a great way to get your work done without putting in much work in cutting the vegetables.

An electric knife is a tool for the people who are always in the kitchen, making some great recipes. It makes it much easier to cut the vegetables much faster than regular knives. However, some people find it harder to pick the best electric knife for their homes.

That is why we have decided to write this article on 7 widely used best electric knife in 2020 and beyond. You can choose any of the best electric knife that we are going to discuss. Additionally, we have provided a guide on how to use an electric knife so that you can use them as soon as you receive it.

How to use an electric Knife

Before you go ahead, here are steps to learn how to use an electric knife at home:

The first step is to get a cutting board or a plain surface that does not create movement while cutting the vegetables. We recommend using a chopping board that is stable and easy to use.

After getting the board, you can put the vegetable on it and turn on the knife. Just place the knife to cut the vegetables. Please note that you do not need to move the knife back and forth as the blade does on its own.

Another thing to consider is that you should always avoid cutting the bones as they may impact the sharpness of the blade.

The last tip is to keep the knife away from you as it may leave a cut, in case it slips from the surface. Maintaining a proper grip is the key to avoid this mishappening.

Black+Decker Electric Knife EK 500B

Slicing the meat or vegetables is much easier with this new electric knife by Black+decker. They are popular for their kitchen appliances and have been dealing form the last few years. The design of this knife is quite simple and easy to use. This electric knife comes with a handle lock to make sure you can turn it on and off.

The blade is quite strong and does not require you to move it back and forth to cut something. Additionally, you can simply release the blade with a single click on the button.

It looks like a great knife that can be ordered for less than $20. Additionally, you get the Stainless steel blades with this electric knife.

Comfortable Grip: get the comfortable grip with its easy to use handle. Additionally, it gives the perfect support to cut anything with this knife.

Safety Lock: Avoid any cut or injury with the safety lock of this knife.

Blade Release Button: Easily change or remove the blade with the release button.

NutriChef Portable Electric Knife

Here is another great electric knife for your home that includes a lot of features. You get the safety lock to ensure it does not start after plucking the wire in the socket. Additionally, you can make consistent slices without even a minor change in the pieces of the meat and the vegetables.

This set includes the blades, wood stand, One size, and the knife to provide you a complete cutting experience. You do not need to buy any additional parts to chop or cut the vegetables at your home.

You would be surprised to know that this knife works great with the roasts, ham, and turkey. You do not need to put any pressure, and you can finally leave all those days behind with this knife.

Stainless Steel Blades: You get the strong stainless steel blades that can cut anything in your kitchen.

Ergonomic Design: Easy handling and proper grip feature with the handle.

Wooden block: A great support to keep the meet and the vegetables while cutting them.

Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-41

This knife will help you get your best electric knife for your kitchen. It comes with stainless steel blades that make it easier to cut any type of meat and vegetables. Additionally, you get a free carving fork of stainless steel along with this knife.

It is much easier to clean this knife as it can disintegrate to wash it. You just need to press a button to release the blade and wash it whenever you want. It also offers a storage tray where you can keep the extra blades that you can to cut different food items.

Bamboo Cutting board: You get a bamboo cutting board that makes it easier to chop anything.

One button release: Release the blade with just a single tap on the button.

Storage Tray: Soter the extra blades in the dedicated space of the knife.

Hamilton Electric Knife

Hamilton is a great place to buy your kitchen accessories. This electric knife is no exception and works fine in cutting and chopping the food items. No matter what type of meat you want to cut, it has a blade to do the work.

It comes with a storage space where you can keep the extra parts of the knife. Additionally, there is a fork that makes it easier to use this electric knife.

The blades are made from stainless steel and provide a great way to cut, chop and slice any meat or bread.

Storage Tray: You can easily store all the attachments of this electric knife in this storage area.

Ergonomic handle: This handle provides a better grip that avoids any slips while cutting the meat.

Crafting Knife: This crafting knife makes it easier to cut and slice the meat with it.

Proctor Silex Electric Knife

No matter if you want to slice the bread or cut the meat, it is capable of doing both the things for you. The stainless steel blades make it easy to cut all the food items without any effort in your kitchen. The best is that this knife is so light in weight and is a great pick for those who work continuously.

The combination of handle and the blade gives a smooth control over the cutting process. You do not even feel any pressure on your hands while cutting the turkey.

They have considered the safety measures and have included a trigger button to use it accordingly.

Convenient: This electric is convenient to use and does not put pressure.

Trigger Control: You can use the trigger control to turn on and off the knife.

Slice Evenly: It gives you an amazing control that helps you slice evenly.

Elite Cuisine Electric Knife

This electric knife comes with two serrated blades that make it easier to cut even slices. The design is simple yet attractive and makes it easier to use for a long time. Additionally, you can adjust the blade position to cut the slices of your choice.

Just like other knives on the list, it is easy to clean with a single button to release the blades. After that, you can assemble the knife on your own.

It is the best electric knife for bread, meat, and other food items.

Easy to use: It is easy to use and provides a better grip for the user.

Even Slices: Cut even slices with the dual blade system.

Affordable: It is way affordable than most of the other electric knives with the same features.

Chefman Electric Knife With Carving Fork

This combo may have got the last spot on our list. However, it is an option for your kitchen. You can easily hold this knife while cutting the meat and use the trigger button right under your grip. It comes with dual blades that help you cut the slices evenly and precisely.

If you are going on holiday and want to cook some meat, then it is a great option for the trip. It is light in weight and does not take much space. Additionally, the dishwasher parts are easy to remove for your convenience.

Safety Lock: Use the safety lock to avoid any cut and injuries while using this electric knife.

Perfect Grip: You can hold and use it for a long time without any problem.

Easy to Carry: This lightweight knife makes it easier to carry wherever you go.


Choosing the right electric knife is no more a headache for you. With thousands of electric knives in the market, anyone can get confused with which one to buy. In this article, we have shared the 7 best electric knife along with our recommendations to make it easier for you.

All of these electric knives have their respective features. However, you can go for any one of them if you just want them for simple household work. You just need to consider a few things like the blade design, knife grip, and the power of the knife.

After that, you can match them with your requirements and get a new electric knife for your home.

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