Best home security apps of 2021

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If you want to make your home secure, technology advancements play an integral role. You can conveniently manage the security system by using smartphones. You can get a wide range of home security apps that can help you to monitor your home. Either you’re inside the home or outside, you can conveniently monitor your home through technology. 

To use the security apps, you have required a stable and high-quality internet connection. When we talk about the internet connection, Centurylink is on the top. Centurylink Internet tends to be the 3rd largest DSL provider brand in the U.S. You can get the services for your homes as well as businesses. The high-speed DSL connection helps you to manage all security applications to secure the home. A reliable fiber-optic connection is also available for the convenience of users. If you want to secure your house through apps and high-speed internet, Centurylink internet plans are the most reliable option for you.

The different applications are available that offer a professional monitoring system on your smartphones. When we take a deep look at home security apps, you can find specific features for home security.

Let’s dive in and have a look at the popular home security apps of 2021!     

 Vivint smart home app

Vivint smart home app tends to be the most compatible smart home app. It may help to monitor doorbell cameras, security cameras, and many others. The smart thermostats include Nest and Element, doors and windows sensors, smoke detectors, and others. You can conveniently use these functions with your smartphones. The Vivint interface is convenient to use and flexible features. You can get the facility to talk with anyone inside the home. You can also receive the doorbell alert to see who is at your front door. This app is compatible with Nest, Amazon as well as other gadgets. 

SimpliSafe Home Security app 

If your kids are at home and you want to monitor your teenagers, SimpliSafe tends to be the best option for you. This home security app contains some great features that facilitate you in so many ways. You can conveniently arm and disarm the home alarm. As well as, you can watch live videos with the help of security cameras. However, you can set up multiple alerts as a sensor. The logs provide you the facility to see that that was in your house. Moreover, when you set up the alerts, this app notifies you on your smartphones. In short, you can conveniently monitor the kids, contractors, and folks who are accessing your home.   

Xfinity Home app

Xfinity is an internet provider that offers various services to users. If you want to keep your home safe, you can get the Xfinity internet deals and can receive the home security plan from them. This smart home app helps you to keep your doors lock and arm and disarm your alarm. It is also convenient to control the lights of the house. Xfinity home app can easily connect with smart home devices, such as Nest learning thermostat, Carrier Cor, Element touch bulb, August smart locks, smart code door locks, and many others. It is very easy to use, and you need to connect it through your ID. It is a smart choice for all those people who want to keep their homes secure. 

Lifeshield App

If you want to arm and disarm the alarms from anywhere, the Lifeshield app is a reliable option for you. You can receive a Lifeshield camera that offers live-streaming camera views, records, and many others. Moreover, you can get the facility to see snapshots. 

This app has been upgraded now, and you can do smart home integration with outlet control, thermostat, lights, and smart doors. You can also get the facility to change the codes according to your requirement. It works with Z-wave lights and garage doors as well. You can conveniently manage the app through your Lifeshield account. 


In a nutshell, technology has made our lives advanced. When we talk about home security, technology has become a crucial part of it. You can monitor your home by using the latest home safe applications. You can easily connect with these apps through smart devices and the internet. Some of the top home security apps are available that can help you in several ways.

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