Best security cameras for home in 2020

Best security cameras for home in 2020

Almost every family needs a security camera to ensure that there is no unauthorized activity near their home. The same goes for their business places and warehouses. A security camera is something that is always required by people to make their lives easier.

However, choosing the right security camera for home is a challenging task. There are thousands of different security cameras available in the market offering a different set of features. That is why we decided to write this article and help you make an informed decision with this guide.

In this article, we are going to cover:

  • Buying Guide For Security Camera
  • 6 Security cameras for your home
  • Final Words

After going through these topics, you will be able to find the right security camera for your home.

So, let’s start with the buying guide and discuss how it can benefit you in getting a better security camera at an affordable price.

Buying Guide For Security Camera

Are you looking for the right security camera for your home? Do you want to know what features you should be looking for? If yes, then this buying guide is all you need.

Here are the important things to consider while buying your next security camera:

Video Quality

The main purpose of every security camera is to provide a clear feed of the area monitored by it. Hence, video quality is the first thing you should consider in a security camera. There are many cameras available in HD video quality in the market. Additionally, you can also get a security camera with high-quality HD live streaming.

Another aspect of video quality is the angle of the security camera. Some cameras can cover as much as 160-degree angle area with their enhanced senses. Hence, the area covered is a great thing to start with.

Two Way Communication

If you are getting an indoor or outdoor security camera, then you may want to go with a two-way communication camera. It lets the person at the camera and the one monitoring it, to communicate with each other. You can use it at your doorstep to talk to the visitor, or you can install it in your home to look after your children or pets.

 Wired or Wireless

There are two main types of security cameras including the wired and the wireless ones. It is necessary to know what type of technology your camera uses and match it with your preferences.

If you want to monitor the camera from your mobile, then it is better to use a wireless camera.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 made it to the first rank of our list due to its amazing performance. It does not require a power source as it works on a battery. There is no need to worry about the setup efforts as all you need is to place it anywhere you want.

This attractive camera works great as an indoor and outdoor security camera. The video quality is 1080p with 2K resolution that is much better than its competitors. Additionally, it works great all the time due to its infrared technology that provides a better night vision.


2K resolution: The best thing about the camera is its 2K video resolution that is more than enough for security purposes.

Wireless: It is a wireless camera that is preferred by most of the people to save their time and efforts.


Expensive: The product is a bit expensive than its alternates. It is something that might be a deal-breaker for some of our readers.

Wyze Cam Pan

You are going to love this security camera that is faster than its competitors. According to the manufacturers, it can scan the whole area of a room in less than 3 seconds. It means that there is no chance that you are going to miss something that happened in your room.

As far as the video quality is concerned, you can get a 1080p live streaming from this camera. Additionally, the wide lens covers a 360-degree angle of your room to make sure your children or pets are doing okay.


Affordable: It is an affordable camera that is available for $40 in the market. It is a great pick at this price.

Motion Tracking: It works with motion tracking and lets you know whenever there is an unusual movement at your home.


Wired Port: The camera is not wireless and requires you to install it properly.

Canary Pro Security Camera

Canary pro is one of the best security cameras for home. From alerting for the fire alarm to making sure that your tub is not overflowing, it has got everything covered. There are a lot of features that make it a complete home device for your security.

The best thing about the camera is that it sends the alerts whenever it finds something unusual. The motion detector works great and provides an easy recording experience saving you much time while monitoring.

The design of this camera is pretty unique, and it looks like some advanced device. We recommend going for this one if you want to be introduced to some advanced technology.


All-in-one: It is a multitasking Security camera that works as a Siren, Detector, and of course, a camera.

Works With Alexa: You can use it with Alexa to control its functioning right from the device.


Night Vision Range: The night vision range of this camera is the only 20ft that is a bit disappointing from it.

Reolink Argus 2

We all know about Reolink and how it introduces some great security cameras every single time. In this case, Reolink has introduced an amazing Argus 2 model that helps you monitor all the activities inside or outside your home. It is a dual-purpose camera that lets you use it anywhere you want.

Another great thing about the camera is the rechargeable battery that works with the solar panel. It means that you will never miss anything important due to a power cut at your home.


Email Alerts: It sends the email alerts whenever there is a warning sign by the camera. You can receive them on your account or in the camera’s application.

Live Streaming: You can live to stream the camera footage with the Reolink app. It works great with all the smartphones.


Wifi Issues: Some of the users have reported some wifi issues in video streaming. It causes some lags and faded video quality.

Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Security Camera

Another great indoor security camera by Amcrest. It comes with a tilt function that makes sure that you never miss an angle of your room. You can get it for less than $100 with all the features.

Amcrest 4MP camera works with 1080p video recording and provides clear sounds in the stream. However, you may want to place it somewhere that allows it to tilt properly. Other than that, it looks like a great pick for someone looking for an indoor security camera.


Online/offline Storage: You can store the video recordings in the SD card, or you can upload them in the cloud storage. However, online storage may require a subscription after the free period.

Two Way Communication: The best thing is the two-way communication that makes it a great security camera for your door.


Occasional Lags: We have seen some occasional lags in the camera stream. However, they may not interrupt your video monitoring.

Blink Mini

If you want to buy a camera from a trusted company, then amazon owned Blink is the best security cameras for home. It is an affordable camera that you can buy for around $35 equipped with all the features. It is from Amazon, and you may not be surprised to know that it works great with Alexa.

The camera is designed considering all the crucial factors, and we were satisfied with its features at such an affordable price. However, you will get a subscription to enjoy the cloud storage feature of this camera.


Affordable: You can get it for $35 that is way affordable than most of the security cameras.

Works With Alexa: It works great with Alexa and performs all the features without having to use its application.


Limited Storage: We are surprised to find out that it offers only limited storage even after paying the subscription fee.

Final Words

A security camera is a must-have tool at your home and your office. It helps you monitor the activities and respond to them whenever you want. Additionally, you can find a security camera for less than a hundred dollars.

Hence, this list of best security cameras for home is what you need. The cameras that we have discussed are great to be used at home. Some of them have two-way communication features with the clear video quality.

Just check your home requirements and match them with the features of the camera to find your best pick.

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