Best Types of Water Features for Your Garden

Water features are popular choices with homeowners as they can add artistic flair to gardens. As there are so many design options to choose from, it is not difficult to find one that fits in with the style of garden you want to create. Of course, some features will suit certain gardens better than others, especially when it comes to the size of the space you have to work with. Below are some examples of the most popular types of water features and where they might work best.

Wildlife Ponds

If you live in the countryside and your garden is medium to large, creating a wildlife pond could look amazing. Not only will it fit in with your surroundings, but it could also encourage birds, insects, and amphibians to congregate around it. This will be greatly beneficial to your garden’s eco-system, and you will be creating a haven for all of these wonderful creatures. Plant some wildflowers in the surrounding area to finish off the look perfectly.

Cascading Water Blades

This type of water feature is fantastic for modern gardens and gives the illusion that the water appears from nowhere if positioned correctly. In most landscape designs, these features come out from the top of the wall and can look lovely illuminated from the light below in the evening. Some fall into pools underneath them, others simply disappear into rock or stones. Greenery framing these cascading water features also looks fantastic.

Zen Water Features

All water features can inspire a sense of calm, but certain designs can capture this better than others. Zen-style water features are usually made from stone or bamboo and are reminiscent of East Asian designs. If you are interested in creating a Zen garden at home or are inspired by other styles from this part of the world, these types of water features will be what you are looking for.

Fish Pond

Wildlife ponds are lovely, but if you want something that looks a bit more manicured then perhaps a fish pond is more your style? It is still a good way to introduce some wildlife into your garden, but you will have to fill it with the fish yourself. Just make sure that you are getting the right pond pump for it, you can find out more about this at, as well as tips for building a pond and maintenance of your pump.


If you want something truly interesting in your garden, why not create a stylish stream to run through it? This can work for both modern landscape design and ones that are a bit more rustic. They can also suit any size garden, as you can have the stream running around the perimeter or zig-zagging across if you prefer. Why not have a waterfall as the starting point, with the end disappearing into a pool at the end?

Any kind of water feature will look good in your garden, but use these examples as a starting point for your inspiration.

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