Cook With The Black & Decker MultiPrep Slice n Dice; A Yelp Restaurant Rated Meal Is Ready!

To this day, the world battles racism. On a very large scale. Discrimination is denied. But it is a reality that is yet to change. Globally, people from certain backgrounds are bullied. Not only bullied, but harassed. Public spaces and job opportunities too, come into question. Some people feel unsafe anywhere they go. This is the sad truth.

However, after the BLM movement, stirrings of change are visible. People, and platforms alike are stepping up. Universal movements are taking the lead on social media. Conversations, and debates are starting to open up on the topic. Most importantly, people are now questioning the facts they have been taught.

Yelp Takes The Lead On Anti – Racism Sentiments

Yelp is an example of a responsible platform. Primarily, Yelp is a social networking site. It generates awareness about businesses. People can visit restaurants and drop reviews and comments for other people to see. Other people can learn from these experiences. And make informed choices.

Yelp has taken an amazing step. Certain restaurants in the U.S. have been accused of racist behavior. This has happened in recent months. Yelp now offers a racist alert on the pages of businesses that exhibit such behavior. It will be posted publicly. For everyone to see. This will go a long way in curtailing racism. At least to a certain extent.

Yelp is a widely used platform. And usually the first stop customers go to drop an alert. Whether it is good or bad. Yelp gets the news first. This notifies other people. And warns them not to spend their money at such a place.

Racist Alert For Businesses

This new alert will come out under “Business Accused Of Racist Behavior”. This is a brand – new feature. The icon will be flaming red. Any business that is accused of overtly racist actions will appear at the top of the page.

This is a step taken in the right direction. Consumers should have access to relevant information. Any information that will potentially impact their spending decision. It is imperative to hold these businesses accountable. And show them it is not ok.

The business will also be covered by the media. A link to the article published will be openly available too. It will include the details surrounding the incident. Following the Black Lives Matter protests, Yelp felt this was necessary. It felt the need, as a platform, to raise a voice. Knowing that it could change the lives of many. And bring justice to numerous others.

Whereas this is a feature Yelp can put up. There is another update. Any restaurant that is receiving targeted racist reviews will also be looked into. Nothing will be ignored. These businesses will receive warnings.

Yelp realizes that certain reviews without context can be posted. And often people who have not visited a restaurant also review it. These are fake reviews. They can either inflate or deflate a business. The alert will now offer people some clarity. So that they can make a conscious decision. About patronizing a business.

Social media has also seen a surge in trending black owned businesses. Since George Floyd was killed. These businesses are being highlighted. And brought into the spotlight. Encouraging people to buy from them. The platform reported a 617% surge in black owned businesses reviews.

Just last month, a restaurant in Pennsylvania was called out. The name is Fred’s Breakfast Club. They had hung a racist sign on the wall. And were instantly reported. Customers have been asking for its removal. Not just today. But for several years. Yet, the restaurant had not responded favorably. Hence, accountability now has become key. Consumers themselves are becoming more aware.

Get Your Hands On The Black & Decker MultiPrep Slice n Dice

In leu of restaurants. Let us talk about something pleasant. Food is a delicacy. As well as a necessity. During the pandemic, ordering in has become harder. It is not easy to trust someone else with the hygiene of your food.

Which is why we have perfect home cooking tool for you. The Black & Decker Multiprep Slice n Dice. You need this shortcut to cooking the perfect home made meal. Whether it is dinner for one. Or cooking for a loved one. This is an essential.

Chopping and cutting. The two most time consuming. Difficult tasks in the kitchen. Sometimes, you need a quick meal. The Black & Decker Multiprep Slice n Dice has your back. It is an all in one cutting appliance. And comes with six spectacular cutting functions.

It can dice. Slice. Julienne. Shred. Grate. And cut! That almost sounds like magic. You can practice Masterchef recipes in your kitchen. Minus the skill – based cutting and dicing that you would otherwise have to do yourself.

The thickness of the slices depends on you. You are the boss with an external level control. The cutting discs are detachable. And align themselves with the motor assembly. A sweeper arm will navigate the food to your bowl.

Each component is dishwasher safe. A compact storage case accompanies the appliance. It comes with a 150 – watt motor. An 8 mm slicing disc. This makes ¼ and ¼ dices of fruits and vegetables. The dicing parts are all color – coded so you do not have to waste time sifting through labels. An adjustable slicing disc. A dual sided julienne disc. A reversible shred/grate disc.

What’s more is that it comes with a continuous flow chute. Your ingredients travel seamlessly from the chute to your bowl. And the simple dial control makes it easy to turn with one hand. You can control the power while you work.

Are you ready to cook a professional, home made meal?

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