Designer Towel Rails – A Must for Your Designer Bathroom

With the many types and styles of towel radiators in the market today, your choices are wide open. You can find them easily online. So your choices are very wide and you don’t need to follow the old fashioned or mediocre kind of radiators anymore. The styles/ kinds of the radiator are many such as;

Ladder towel rails are ideal for small bathrooms. It is made up of three or more pillars to hang a towel on. The most widely used one is called Ladder radiator and is usually comes in two colours; wood or white. The wood one has a contemporary look. Some people opt for electric, glass or Ladder designer towel rails because of its modern and trendy look.

Designer towel rails are a good choice for small bathrooms. They give your bathroom a spacious look. There are different sizes available; so you can pick the ones that fit perfectly to your bathrooms.

In addition to giving your bathroom’s a spacious look, Ladder radiators also help you save money. They are energy efficient and cost less than electric and gas heaters. Not only that, the stylish ladder rails not only add glamour to every bathroom but also heat towels evenly and quickly to keep you warm while using the bathroom.

Electric Towel Rails

Most people would consider electric towel rail as a cheaper option but there is more to it. Electric radiators may be cost-effective but they have a bad effect on your health. First, they heat up easily and quickly and it may take hours before you get to feel the heat. Second, the electric radiator may also produce harmful gases that cause sickness if inhaled. The new radiator heats up slowly and evenly and no matter how many towels you hang on it, you will not feel any discomfort.

If you want to enjoy hot showers, then you must install a central heating system to ensure perfect room temperature. Make sure your bathoom has shower diverter valve. You can opt for an electric or gas space heater. But most people prefer to go for a dual fuel towel rail system that gives you maximum space heat. Dual fuel radiator heats water and air simultaneously. It provides safe heat and comfort to everyone in your home.

With Milano designer radiators, you can give your home an extra flair by styling it according to your own desire. They are made of natural material like stone, marble, brick, etc… and come in various sizes and colours to match your needs. Milano bath and shower radiators are also designed in such a way that it can give you a comfortable bathing experience.

The best place to shop for this essential accessory is the internet. There are hundreds of online shops where you can buy these thermal products at discounted rates. You can choose from a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. This convenient bathroom accessory will make your bathroom’s look beautiful and also add to the decor of your home. Designer towel radiators are now considered a decorative item in bathrooms.

Types Of Towel Rails

Looking for the right kind of designer towel rails is not as simple as it seems. There are different types of rugs/ towel rails available in the market, and they are all being manufactured differently. So the choices are very wide and you don’t need to stick to the old or generic kind of rugs. The styles/ kinds of rugs are many such as; 

  1. Ladder towel rails; 
  2. Electric towel rails; 
  3. Ladder roll rails; 
  4. Hand-carved/ hand-painted/ engraved rails; 
  5. Stainless steel/ chrome plated/ banded rails; 
  6. Antique/ antique towel roll rails. 

These are the different types of designer towel rails that are available in the market, and we will discuss their pros and cons so that it helps you in choosing the right one for your bathroom

It is quite possible that you are already aware about designer towel rails but if you are planning to renovate your bathroom, it would be a good idea to take a look at the ones available on the market. When it comes to designer bathroom rugs/ towel racks/ radiators, there are few things that you should consider, such as the size, your budget, and the style/ themes that you want for your bathroom. It can be quite exciting when you go out shopping for these things because there are so many choices that you have. You can shop online, at malls, department stores, and even at home shops.

If you want something that is stylish and also practical, then glass radiators/ heated towel bars are the ones for you. These designer towel rails are made from stainless steel, which makes them easy to clean, and they look great. Although, there are some people who believe that they do not offer enough heat, and therefore, their performance level is not that high, but if you have a large bathroom and you need a lot of heat, then this is the one for you.

There is another kind of designer towel rails, which are called as compact radiators, or infrared technology heated bars. There are quite a few reasons why a lot of people prefer to use infrared technology heated towel bars in their bathrooms. Actually, there are quite a number of benefits that you can enjoy by using these kinds of bathroom radiators, and the most important one is that they are extremely safe to use. Compared to compact radiators, which are made of ceramic, iron, fibreglass, and other metals, infrared technology radiator is the safest and most effective one.

As you can see, there are still a lot of options that you have when it comes to designer radiators/heated bars and other designer towel rails. But if you would like to find the best kind, you should use the internet. It will not only provide you with the right products that you need, but you will also be able to save a lot of time. You can find a wide range of different websites that sell electric towel radiators and other kinds of designer radiators, and at the same time, you will be able to save a lot of money. It is recommended that you shop for these products online because of two reasons.

First of all, you will be able to find the perfect size for your bathroom space. If you want to add some finishing touch to your bathroom space, then the right choice of the radiator is essential. You can easily take measurements of the bathroom space, and from there, you can find out the right heating system that will work best for your home. So, when it comes to installing towel rail, it is better to get an electric radiator instead of any other kind of radiator, because it is the most efficient and offers the most heat.

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