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FAQ’s On AC Repair in Mckinney, TX

Looking to get your AC repair performed by a licensed and insured air conditioning and heating contractor in Mckinney, TX this year? This article will help go over different questions you should have the answers to before you pull the trigger on your home AC repair.

Below is the list of most frequently asked question in the residential AC repair and replacement industry. Go through them and get familiar with them before you consider the possible fix for your air conditioning system.

  • What brand AC should I replace my system with?
  • Should I replace the whole system or is it ok to change one piece of equipment?
  • What SEER rating should I get?
  • Do I need a 2-stage cooling system?
  • Do I need a 2-stage heating system?
  • Should I replace the duct work with the system?
  • Do I need to get a new thermostat?
  • Should I get a heat pump system?
  • Do I need a permit to repair or replace my AC system at my house?
  • What should I look for in an AC repair company to do the work?

What brand AC should I replace my system with?

When looking for a new air conditioning system brand for your home or office remember that the brand is only as good as the warranty and the reputation of the company offering it. Meaning that the unit might be cheaper but the warranty on the parts will be much more frequently due to the cheap nature of the unit. Also, the manufacturer that offers the warranty will have to be in business and honor the warranty for it to be effective when you need it. Most of the time the warranty is for parts only meaning that you will only be reimbursed for the actual cost of the part not labor and most of the time no freon will be included. Carrier is a great brand and has an identical family of brands that they make distribute and warranty. They all come with a ten-year extended parts warranty.

Should I replace my entire air conditioning and heating system for a matched system or is it ok to change out one piece of equipment at a time?

When your air conditioning or heating system breaks it is most of the time not going to all break at the same time. Sometime It will be stolen and that will need to be changed out because the system is no longer there. Then you don’t have the option. When your faced with a new system that needs one unit out of two or three total, then it is going to be an easy call to stick with the older equipment and change out the broken piece only. Now if you have two or three older pieces of equipment and you have been repairing them often recently, then you might consider changing everything. This will also be based on your budget. If you can’t afford to take all three pieces of equipment out at the same time then it will survive in most cases with just the replacing of the one piece of equipment that is bad.

What SEER rating should I get on my new air conditioning system?

The first thing you should ask yourself is what is a SEER rating and why does it matter to me when I’m buying an air conditioning system? Well SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. In simple terms it describes in a numerical figure what amount of energy this air conditioning unit will use under normal circumstances. When we Think about normal circumstances you will be at 95 degrees outdoor ambient temp for the hottest part of the summer. In Mckinney, TX and most of Texas we see much higher temps. When that is the case we are literally running off of the charts and every part of your air conditioning system is needed to cool of your home. 14 SEER is the minimum we can sell in North Texas now and it is a very high efficiency air conditioning system for your home. When you go up to the next reasonable step of equipment you get to the 16 SEER. This SEER rating can be achieved by a single stage system and very cost effective. Once you get higher than 16 SEER you will need to purchase a two-stage system.

Do I need a two-stage cooling system?

If you are looking for the best indoor air quality, you’re looking for a two-stage system. The two-stage system will have basically a small air conditioning system and a large system built inside one. Also, when you’re looking to save money the two-stage air conditioning systems are the most efficient. In order to get past 16 SEER with your air conditioning system you will have to go with a two-stage system.

Do I need a two-stage heating system?

The two-stage furnace will be a great high efficiency furnace. The problem is gas is cheap and in Texas we don’t normally need it. With that said I can call a few times off hand when it is used. When you’re in the country and you’re on propane tanks usually you have electric gas but a 90% furnace could do fine with a small enough home and large enough tank. After that, you would only have the cost of the gas to contend with.

Should I replace the ductwork with my air conditioning and heating system?

When you are replacing your air conditioning and heating system at the home you will sometimes be in need of ductwork. At the bare minimum you will most likely need new plenums. The plenums are the square metal boxes on the end of your indoor equipment that connect the round tubular ducts. The plenum in hollow and is required to match the size and shape of the equipment. The plenums don’t usually get changed so when a good company sells you a system, they will include the plenums.  Here at residential AC repair in Mckinney TX DND Heating & Air Conditioning we sell a lot of plenums with new equipment purchases for many reasons including airflow and longevity.

Do I need to get a new thermostat with my new AC system?

The thermostat will most likely be compatible but remember that it will be the weakest link in the system if it is old. When people change their air conditioning systems, they are starting to go with the Wi-Fi T-Stats. This is a preference but you can still get a nice digital new T-Stat.

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