Best high resolution night vision security camera in 2020

Best high resolution night vision security camera in 2020

Having a security camera outside your home, office, and warehouse is necessary in today’s world. Considering the number of cases that we come across every day, we can say that a security camera needs to be installed outside every house. However, just having a security camera is not enough to protect your home from intruders.

You need a high-resolution night vision security camera that can detect the identity of any person in day and night as well. These cameras help you recognize every single person who has passed your security camera at any given time.

If someone breaks into your home, then this security camera will help you take legal actions against them. The high-resolution video recording works as great proof in your legal proceedings against the intruder.

The main challenge that we all face is finding the right night vision security camera for our homes. That is why we decided to write this article on the best high resolution night vision security camera. Additionally, we will be discussing some of the main features and characteristics that you should look for in your next security camera.

So, let’s have a look at our best night vision security camera in 2020.

Reolink 8CH 5MP Security Camera System

Our first choice for the home security system is the Reolink 5MP night vision camera. It works great in daylight and proves it worth the night light as well. The best thing is the fact that this system has four security cameras to every all the directions.

You no longer need to worry about the time gap between a round of your single security camera. It will cover your home 24/7 with its four-camera system. Additionally, it records in 720p to 1080p that gives the high resolution video recording feature to your home security.

It is up to you whether you want to use them at the same location or use them at the different locations with rotating feature. The range of this camera is 100ft that works in the dim light as well.


External Storage: You can add external storage to increase the recording capability of the camera. It is a rare feature as most of the leading cameras lack this feature.

Video Quality: The 1080p video recording comes with high video quality that works great in recognizing the faces.


Does not Support 4K: Although the camera records in 1080p, you cannot record it in the 4K resolution. However, the price range of the camera justified its feature and capabilities.

Ancrest Ultra 4K HD Night Vision Security Camera

If you are looking for an affordable security camera with all the necessary features, then you should go for this one. It has everything that you need including the 4K HD night vision recording. The camera records in 3840×2160 resolution that provides the crystal clear video recording feature.

Additionally, it is equipped with a varifocal lens to make the video recording precise and accurate. You also get the dust proofing cover with the camera that makes it durable for many years. It can be termed as a long term investment for your home security all the time.

The only thing that prevented us from placing it in the first place is the frame rate of this camera. It covers 15 frames per second which is a bit lower than the market standard.


WeatherProof: The camera comes with a protective layer to protect it in every weather condition including the dust storm and rains.

Alerts: This feature of this night vision security camera alerts the user every time it senses a suspicious movement outside the home. You can all these alerts right at your device without having to monitor it all the time.

Excellent Customer Support: The customer support for this product is amazing and provides instant solutions. Additionally, the support is not limited to the guarantee of the product, and you can get your problems solved anytime you want.


Subscription Fee for Cloud Storage: If you want to use the cloud storage, then you will need to pay a subscription fee. However, you can always use the offline storage feature to avoid paying extra charges.

Zosi 5MP Night Vision Camera System 8Ch

If you need to monitor a large area, then this camera system by Zosi is the right pick for you. It comes with 8 video recording cameras connected with a single server to make it easier to monitor the activities. Each camera records high-quality 1080p video with its 5MP camera.

The video camera system comes with 2-terabyte storage that can record as much as 10 hours of feed from your cameras. It is something that you can rarely expect from a camera system with 8 cameras. The software is easy to use and does not require much effort to a seamless monitoring experience.

The night vision of this camera works just fine and provides a clear video recording in all types of weather. So, it is recommended to use this system to cover a large area of your warehouse or office.


Wide Angle Camera: Each camera of this system has a unique lens that covers a wide-angle from the same position. It does not need to make much movement to cover all the areas in front of the camera.

Supports Large Areas: The 8 camera system allows you to cover all the critical areas with the same system.


24/7 not supported: Although it a 2TB storage, still you can not record 24/7 with this camera. It is because of the recording from the 8 cameras in the same storage.

Trendnet 5MP night Vision Security Camera

It is one of the most affordable single security cameras that you can get for your home security. The 5Mp camera is capable of recording high-quality videos including the distant objects. You would be surprised to know that it is capable of recording up to 262ft of area. It is more than most of the cameras that we have ever reviewed in our blogs.

It comes with an SD slot where you can add your SD card to record the videos. The night vision of this camera caught our attention with its well-detailed recording feeds.


Motion Detector: It is equipped with a motion detector that decides when is a good time to record the live feed. It saves the storage in your device. However, you can turn this feature on or off as per your requirements.

Alerts: It sends the alerts when found some irregular activities in its area. You can get the notifications on its software or through an email on your account.


Complex software: The only thing that dislike is the user interface of the software. It is a bit complex and does not include any quick tips or guides.

TIGERSECU 5MP outdoor night Vision Camera

TigerSecu has introduced an amazing home security camera that is affordable and effective in its video recording. It uses the coaxial cable to ensure the clear video feed avoiding any disturbance in the video. The video camera resolution is 2560×1920 that is way better than most of the other video recording cameras.

It has an additional protective layer to make durable in every type of weather.


Affordable: It is one of the most affordable video recording cameras that you can found with these features. You can get it for less than $100 from any of the online marketplaces.

Works Great in Night Mode: The night vision of this camera is way beyond our expectations. It works great and records the clear feed of your home or office space.


Does not Support Smartphones: We have seen that the application does not support most of the smartphones.

Things to Consider while Buying a Security Camera

Video Quality: The first and the most important thing to look for is the video quality of the camera. Having an HD video recording camera is a great way to ensure the security of your home.

WeatherProofing: It must be able to stand all types of weather with its protective layer.

Night Vision: The video camera must have the night vision feature to record in dim light at night time. 

Storage Capacity: You should look for the storage capacity of the camera before buying one. Check whether there is internal storage or does not require external storage to operate.

Mobile Compatibility: The application must be compatible with leading mobile OS to make it accessible anytime you want.


Investing in a security camera is a great way to avoid an incident with you and your family members. A high-quality security camera ensures that no one can get into your property without exposing their identity.

Hence, this list of best high resolution night vision security camera can help you improve your security. All the cameras that we have discussed in this article are tested by real users and works just great.

However, it is better to check your requirements and match them with our buying guide to get the best camera from this list.

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