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Five Changes That will give Your House That Touch of Class

Everyone is always looking to make their home more sophisticated or add that touch of class. This can be difficult to achieve, as most people do not even know where to start.

Here are some suggestions to give you some inspiration (and they might not be as expensive as you might have thought).

#1 Exterior lighting

Adding exterior lighting to a property can make it look lovely and magical. Not only just porch lights, indoor lights seen through windows or smaller solar powered garden lights on ornaments, but also spotlights that illuminate the key features of your home.

If your house has a particularly pretty or bespoke exterior feature, ensure it is well lit at night-time, as this will draw attention to it. Another way you could add a touch of class to your home is by thinking about the color of your lighting. Warm hues generally give off a soft and cozy vibe, whereas colder hues add elegance and status.

#2 Upgrade your shingles

Designer shingles, also known as architectural shingles, add a sophisticated and clean look to your property. They come in a range of different colors and styles, so they will match your home’s style and appearance. They are also highly durable, making them an excellent choice for anyone wanting to add class to their property, and also cut down on maintenance.

#3 A clean exterior

Giving the exterior of your home a power wash will make your house look better in no time. Many people do not realize how grubby the exterior of their home is until they wash one part. Driveways, walkways, walls, even your roof can often benefit from a good clean, as well as you are guttering and the exterior of your window frames and sills. This can extend the lifetime of many outdoor features and save you money in the long run.

#4 White interiors and furniture

Clean and crisp white furniture and walls make your house look bright, fresh, and rejuvenated. Getting some older styled furniture adds class (especially if it has been upcycled to match your décor), as well as adding splashes of color using rugs and cushions to pinpoint some pieces of furniture to set the room.

A lot of colors go effortlessly with white, so all it takes is a small amount of color to set the mood of the room, as well as adding class and maturity to your home’s interior.

#5 House plants

House plants make your home feel tranquil and relaxing. You can either use ones that have colorful flowers to add a seasonal touch to your home or succulents that do not require much attention to keep healthy (a money tree or cacti are a good example).

It is good to have these scattered around the house as it adds a more vibrant feel. Don’t forget that plant pots can make a statement, so matching them with the right plant can be an easy win.

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