How to Buy Succulents Online For Decoration Home

Are you one of those plant enthusiasts who want to buy a succulent right away? Don’t hurry then, read out our short article which will guide you to buy succulents online. Though it is not a technical task that needs special knowledge but having a preliminary idea is always the best way to get your hands on the best one!

If your research for ‘how to buy succulents online’ has brought you here, then luckily you are here.

What to know before buy succulents online?

Most of the things shown online are not the same in real life. It’s the same in the case of succulents too. You might get attracted to the plant’s picture that has so many edits and masking, plus lighting to make it seem attractive in front of the customer.

That is a marketing strategy, but does that mean you won’t buy it? Do an extensive research on the positive reviews, and negatives too. Other than that ask the seller to provide you with a raw picture of it, and avoid buying the plant if you see these flaws:

· Leaves falling apart and turning yellow

·  Plants that became stretched

·  Succulents with small roots

·  Decorated with stones and glue

·  Blackened stems, which a sign of excessive watering

·  Transparent leaves.

How to find the best succulent plant online?

Try to look for these in your succulent plants if you are buying online,

Choose full-grown succulents over the baby ones, because they will already be matured and won’t dry out quickly, hence, won’t need much time for caring. Or else, you have to always monitor the baby succulents

Read the features like whether they can survive inside home, outside or both depending on your need

Read feature for their temperature tolerance compared to your environment’s one

Look for a pot with more than two plants. In this way you will be able to save in bulk, and later can transfer them into separate pots.

Best places to buy succulents online?

There can be innumerable plant sellers to buy succulents online, but it is always the best choice to buy from specialists. There are some of the well-known and reliable succulent sellers, who sell authentic and top grade succulents for your home. Some of them are:

  • Lula’s Garden
  • Home Depot
  • Leaf and clay
  • The succulent source
  • Planet dessert
  • Sunny plants

From them, you will not only get originality but also diversity of succulents. From those huge selections, you will get perplexed for what to choose and what not to choose. All of their succulent plants will add an extraordinary collection to your home plant collection. So, do check them out.

Accessories needed to buy for succulents:

The only essential accessory to buy for your succulent is a pot. The pot design, and color depends on your home’s interior and your taste. Also complementarily, you can buy non-glued jewelries, leaf cutter for cutting out extra edges, soil moisture monitor if your succulent is vulnerable to sensitive weather conditions, and thorn-proof gloves if your succulents have mini thorns. 

You will find these accessories online too in varieties.

Final Verdict

We know purchasing any kind of plant online can be tricky. As you are not directly seeing them, so knowing small flaws can be tough. But if you love it you have to take the risk, and lessen the risk by buying from a trusted seller. Make sure to avoid those issues noted above while buying online

You won’t be disappointed if you follow our guidance to buy succulents online! Add this amazing drought smart plants in your home. Not this will only make your home eco-friendly, but will also make it look aesthetically pleasing.

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