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How to Give Your House Old-World Charm

When buying a new house, it is nice to think about how to make it feel like it came from a different era. This is especially true in a time where most houses in the suburbs often look the same and are derisively known as McMansions. To make your house stand out, improve its sense of comfort and also increase its resale value, it is worth imbuing it with a sense of real old-world charm. However, you may be worried about where to start. There is no need to stress, though, as this guide has been created to lay out a few ways to easily give your house a true old-world charm. Read on now to learn all about it. 

Install Plantation Shutters 

To feel like the real lord of your manor, there is nothing out there that can beat plantation shutters. They serve many different purposes, from creating a sense of solidity and purpose in your house, to protecting against the effects of the sun and to creating a sense of true privacy. Take a look around for the best modern plantation shutters in your price range in order to find the best deal possible.  

Buy Chandeliers 

When people think of chandleries, they may immediately assume that the price for them is rather too high. While this may have been true back in the old days, now it is possible to install chandeliers that help your house feel like old-times without having to break the bank in the process. Just make sure to be sparing in the amount that you install in the house, as too many can give off the tone that you are overcompensating.

Use Classic Wallpaper 

The history of wallpaper started with classic tapestries before gaining in popularity in the 18th century. Given its rich history, using wallpaper in your house can deceptively give off the impression of the old-world. Make sure to think carefully about the types of designs that you would like to install in your house before finding the right ones for you. 

Construct a Hearth 

Before central heating, people used to stay warm by putting a fire on. While these days it would be unthinkable to go through the winter months without having some kind of central heating system, there is nothing that can beat the coziness of a real fire. That is why it is a great idea to install a hearth in your living room to create that central focal point to accompany cocktails, relaxation or simply reading a book. It could also come in handy during a winter storm!

Introduce Parquet Flooring 

Originating in France, parquet flooring is simply one of those styles that has never ever felt dated but still evokes a certain nostalgia. Not only is it easy to clean and looks kind upon the eye, but it can help your house feel far warmer underfoot than using stone tiles. Just be aware that these types of floors require regular maintenance if you want them to remain at their best over time. 

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