How your roof can become a money pit

A good roof looks good, can be a house seller, and will save you money, but a roof that is costing you money can very quickly become a money pit. It is a well-known issue in the home maintenance and roofing sector that diagnosing a roof leak or noisy shingle is as important as good electrics. A new roof can be costly, so looking after the one you have is important. Here are some key areas of maintenance that are important to keep on top of so that they do not end up costing you in the end. 

  • Insulation 

Insulation can be a hidden friend or foe. If you have insulation that is old, it could be costing you more than you think. One of the biggest concerns with old insulation is that it does not provide energy-efficient insulation and will end up costing you as much as 50% more in your heating and cooling bills than newer insulation. However, if you plan a strategy to replace old insulation, you could then start to see the savings in your heating bills to offset those costs.

  • Leaks and pooled water 

These can sometimes start small with just a build-up of moisture, but often these grow into much bigger problems that then require much bigger and more costly solutions. If you are noticing any small build-up of moisture in your home, your best option to keep costs down is to find the source quickly. There are many different reasons for a leak in your roof, and each will require a different plan of attack. These can be as simple as cracked flashing, a broken shingle, or ice dam build-up. However, even a small leak could be more complex and require closer investigation, such as condensation or a cracked chimney.

  • Cracks, blistering, and shrinkage

The best roofing company in Michigan noted this as one of the main reasons roofs developed leaks and further issues. Your first step in any roof problem is identifying the cause so that you can address that before you make any hasty repairs. Blistering occurs when there is water trapped between the layers of roofing or in the shingles themselves. Even if the blisters are not immediately causing leaks, they are not only unsightly, but if left to blister further, they could mean a shorter lifespan for your shingles and cause bigger problems in the future.

Maintenance of your roof might seem like something you do not have to think about, but spending smaller maintenance costs regularly could save you a larger repair investment at a later stage. Research shows that the average costs for roof repairs in the USA are around $1000 and a lot more if you’re going to replace shingles. However, if you are able to make sure your roof is well maintained during each of the changing seasons, you could save on these costly repairs. Remember that each season brings with it challenges and different maintenance needs, but all of these are worth the time and effort if they lead to fewer costs.

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