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11 best kids gardening gloves

Spending time with your children while teaching them some household work is a great way to spend your time. Most of the children love to spend time in the garden and try to help you with gardening. However, it is not safe to let them do the gardening without proper safety equipment.

That is why we have decided to write this article on 11 best Kids Garden gloves for safe gardening. All the gloves that we are going to discuss are made of high-quality materials that suit the children.

Before we go ahead, let us have a look at the buying guide for gardening gloves for children. It will help you understand what qualities or features you should look for in the gardening gloves.

Buying Guide

Material Durability

 We all know that children need durable material as they do not take care of the products as adults do. Hence, it is crucial to check the material durability before buying any garden gloves for them.


Garden Gloves need to be made of flexible material that is soft and easy to use. It allows you to reach all the hard spots without putting in much effort. On the other hand, a non-flexible glove can make it harder for you to do the gardening even for a few minutes.


Children have some small hands, and they need the right gloves to fit in their hands. It should not be too loose or tight to give the perfect grip. The best way to deal with this problem is by choosing the gloves that come with adjustable cuffs.

It makes it easier to adjust them to avoid limiting your movement with the tight gloves.


Some of the gardening parts require you to fell the texture to know whether the seed is at the right location or not. That is why it is better to go with the thin gloves to feel the texture of the objects. However, it should only be thin enough to provide the sensation of the touch.

Anything more than that can cause the problem at the sharp tip of the leaves.

Gardening Gloves and Tool Set

Getting a proper tool kit for gardening is better than going for the gardening gloves alone. Hence, this toolkit is a great pick for someone looking for gloves for children. These gloves are made from soft materials and provide a better grip.

They can perform all the gardening tasks from this gardening tool kit without putting much effort. Additionally, it includes a picture frame that is a fun way to spend some more quality time in the backyard.

Wells Lamont Kids Garden Gloves

If you are looking for some durable garden gloves for children, then this is the right pick for you. Garden Gloves by Wells Lamont is easy to use and works great for the children. They have an adjustable wrist grip equipped with a safety cuff to avoid any mishaps.

The fingertips and the palm also come with a perfectly thick material that makes it easier to protect them from the objects. However, it is just fine to feel the type of objects without removing the gloves.

We believe that it is a perfect glove set for children aged between 5-8 years.

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol

Every kid has a soft spot for the cartoons in their heart. That is what makes these gloves by nickelodeon a great choice for their next garden gloves. They come with a cartoon figure on them that keeps them interested in the garden dressing.

These are pretty flexible and work great for children at the age of 5. Additionally, they provide a strong grip on the palm with its flexible material. So, if you want a carton glove for your kid, then this is the one you are looking for.

ProMedix Garden Gloves

Here is another set of Garden Gloves for children. The best thing is that they have a wide range for all age groups of children. Hence, you do not need to worry about the grip or the size of the gloves. These gloves are made fro 100% cotton and are way smooth on your children’s skin.

They can wear these gloves as long as they want without feeling itchy or sweaty. Additionally, the flexibility of these gloves is something that you may not find in other garden gloves.

Just go for these breathable gloves to make your kid love to spend time in the backyard of your home.

VGO Gardening gloves for Kids

These kids gardening gloves by VGO are a great choice for light gardening. There are two different sets for the age group 5-7 and 7-9. Hence, you get a chance to pick the right set of gloves for your kids. Additionally, they have an amazing grip that makes it easier to hold objects while gardening.

As we have already mentioned, it is only for light gardening and does not recommend to lift heavy objects or deep gardening. They are manufactured from Foam latex coating that makes it breathable and flexible at the same time.

Additionally, the polyester makes sure that they prevent the water from going in the gloves.

G&F Gardening Gloves

These are amazing kids gardening gloves and comes in interesting colors. One can easily get their favorite color with the perfect size of their wrist. You will be surprised to know that their package includes three sets of kids gardening gloves at the price of one.

The wrist area is knitted to provide a better grip in your kid’s hands. Additionally, the palm area is manufactured from some high-quality breathable materials.

MidWest Gardening Gloves

It is the perfect choice for the children as they come with 16 different characters from Disney. They can choose their favorite character and spend some time in the backyard of their home with them. These gloves are quite affordable and justify their price with the material used in these gloves.

They are pretty flexible and provides an amazing grip with enough thickness to protect any harm to their hands. However, they are designed for the playing purpose and does not fit for the heavy gardening. Hence, you should be careful with the heavy tools and machinery with these gloves.

Magid Leather Kids gardening Gloves

If you want to try something different, then these leather gloves from magid are something to consider. They have an attractive knitted wrist that makes it perfectly flexible for the children’s hands. The palm area is made from the soft leather that makes it comfortable to wear them for a long time.

 However, due to the soft leather, it is not so great for heavy gardening or other tasks. The leather is quite thick, but the pointy objects may still find their way inside the gloves.

Qear gardening Gloves

Qear has introduced a wide range of gardening gloves for children. Kids in age groups between 4-10 years can get a set of gardening gloves from them. The best thing is the fact that every glove has an attractive design and character depending on their age group.

The palm part of the glove is made from Latex coating that works great in giving some better grip. Additionally, the other materials of this glove protect their hands from water and dirt.

It looks like a proper glove set that has everything you need.

Briers Kids gardening Gloves

If your children are obsessed with heavy gardening and like to dig, then it is the right set for you. These are probably the only gloves for children that can support a great gardening experience. With Polyester lining and latex coating, the grip of these gloves works just great.

Additionally, it makes it easier to hold the tools while keeping your hands free from the dirt.

There are different sets for children with different age groups. You can also get some customization in the color and design of these garden gloves.

Euglov gardening Gloves

All the children love colors, and these gardening gloves make sure that they get them in their favorite colors. There is a wide range of colors and comes with different sizes for different age groups.

You can buy them in a pack of 3 that ensures you have a set of glove left in case your kid has a dirty glove on their hands. They have a knitted grip that makes it a great choice for a long gardening process.

Final Words

Having the right set of garden gloves makes it easier for you to do the gardening on your own. People prefer different features and abilities of the garden gloves as per their preferences. However, the factors and features that we have discussed in this article work for everyone.

The list of 11 garden gloves that we have discussed in this article are so affordable and made of high-quality material. Hence, you can pick any of them and start putting some effort into your garden.

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