Pollution and its types, AC Cleaning in Home.

Pollution is an environmental hazard that increases the level of dirt in the air, water, and land. It is in the indication of the presence of contaminants and dirt particles in the surroundings. And it is causing irreversible damage to our environment. Pollution is the result of pollutants, and they are in the form of plastic bags, waste material of factories, smoke coming out from chimneys. When light and sound are also used synthetically, they also become pollutants, contributing to pollution.

Pollution is of different types, and all kinds of pollution affect human lives to a great extent. It is the result of the overuse of plastic bags, vehicles, and paints. All the chemicals used in paints and the waste of plastics increases pollution or pollutants in the environment. In other words, pollution increases the level of impurities, which in return affects our natural environment.

Pollution is a threat for humans and all the earth’s inhabitants, including birds, land animals, and sea animals. It is also affecting the working of our machinery or playing a role in their damage. Dust particle present in air trap in our air conditioner filters and decreases their cooling ability. And to improve their functioning, we have to contact different services companies like Rehan services for this purpose. AC cleaning Dubai is known for its work and is serving its customers to help them cleanse their air conditioners to provide proper cooling.

The presence of contaminants on land, air, and water causes unwanted changes in our atmosphere and harms its inhabitants. There are different types of pollution according to their location, and they are

Water pollution

The existence of pollutants in water causes it. In the form of oil leaked from ships, plastic bags thrown by people, and other harmful substances left people on the seashores. These contaminants enter into water and cause it to pollute. It is also caused by the chemicals and waste of metals released by factories entering lakes and rivers. And that polluted water becomes the part of the sea and pollute its as well. These toxic substances dissolve in water and make it unhealthy for the fishes and other sea animals living in it. Water pollution is one of the main reasons behind the death of most sea animals. Marine dumping, which is the deposition of plastics, papers, aluminum, and glass in water, is one of the leading causes behind water pollution. The release of radioactive waste and chemical waste from factories is also polluting seawater to a significant amount. This polluted water is also used for watering crops and in the agriculture process, which affects the growth of our produce. Water pollution is also affecting the water we drink and causes health hazards to human life as we drink the water containing pollutants in it.

Air pollution

Air plays a vital role in the process of respiration and is a necessity for all life. We all need oxygen for our survival, whereas all plants need carbon dioxide to survive, and the air is a mixture of all gases. We need fresh air with more oxygen for breathing, and if the ratio of oxygen or other gases is disturbed in the air, then it is an indication of impurity. It is a signal for air pollution or the presence of determinants in air. Air pollution is causing the burning of fossil fuels. When fuels are burnt at high rates, they cause the air to pollute. Air pollution is also the result of the overuse of pants, sprays, and other solvents that produces fumes. These fumes enter the air and increase the level of impurity in it. Air pollution is also caused by the overproduction of gases like methane, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. These gases are highly flame bale, and they decrease the level of oxygen in the air, thus making it impure.

Noise pollution

This type of pollution is also known as sound pollution and is caused by the overproduction of sounds. Noise pollution increases the chance of ear infections and also enhances the risk of deafness among people. It is caused by the sounds of music, vehicle horns, gunshots, fireworks. Noise pollution not mere irritation for ears but is a great contributor to hearing issues and eardrum problems.

Soil pollution

Soil pollution is defined as the breakdown occurring on land. It is caused by industrial waste, acid rain, plastic bags, and toxic chemicals from machines. All of them become part of the earth and later cause pollution. Soil pollution effects are crops and also leads to loss of nutrients in the ground. It affects the growth of our crops and increases the salinity of the earth. Soil pollution leads to unfit agriculture, and if it grows to a great extent, it can cause soil erosion.

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