Reasons Why You Should Stop Renting and Buy Your Own House

Many people recommend to stop renting and buy a house, as it is a better option. But not everyone agrees. It is a common argument whether to buy a house or rent a property. There is no definitive answer, so we shortlisted some reasons why you should buy your own house rather than renting one.

The list of the reasons comprises of:

Investment Opportunity

Buying a home with 10-15 years mortgage deposit may seem a long time, but it is a great investment. Rather than just paying monthly payments, you will be building equity in your property that in future hopefully pays you a dividend.

While renting might seem the right financial choice with multiple advantages, they are valid only in short term. For building wealth in the long-term, buying the house is more suitable.

Cost Control

Applying for a mortgage is not just a monetary transaction, but an act to establish a lifestyle and putting down roots in form of your own house. Whereas, with rented property, you have no control over the rent increase. The landlord can increase the rent whenever they find suitable, or in some cases can sell the house if they find a buyer. All-in-all, renting a property is just a temporary living solution and buying a house can give you solid roots.

Another advantage of rent to buy homes is that you are in the driver’s seat. You can create a budget to account the monthly deposits, without the fear of losing a place to live.


Mostly the renting properties are available in condos or apartment buildings, where you have to share walls. If you end up with noisy neighbours, it will create problems and distractions for you. Also, you have to keep the noises down as well so you do not disturb your neighbours. Either way, with owning a home, you don’t have to face these problems.

With your own house, you can turn the music on loud, or can have guests over without having to worry about disturbing your neighbours.


Are you looking to do major remodelling of the property? Well, this decision depends on whether you rent or buy a house.

Alas, with renting you don’t have the freedom to make the decision. Even if you want to make a change, you have to follow a long process to run the plan by your landlord. It is then up to him to allow or reject the changes.

But with homeownership, the decision is completely in your hands. You can modify or remodel the house according to your taste and how you see it fit.

No Bad Landlords

With rented property, you have to constantly deal with landlords to make any decision regarding the property. Everyone doesn’t need to face problems with this setting, but most people have to face serious issues due to their tenancy agreement’s nature. With renting, the chances of disputes are higher because you have minimal to no control over maintenance, house rules, or rent price.

But if you apply for the mortgage to get your house, these factors will not be a problem anymore. This will take the pressure off your mind, so you can enjoy stress-free life and can make changes as you desire.


A common drawback that you have to face with renting properties is the policy for pet ownership. These rules are set by landlords to avoid any damage to the floors, walls, or other parts of the house. But, if you stop renting and buy your own house, this won’t be a problem anymore.

If you are looking to buy your own house, companies like Stop Renting Albany can help you. They educate you about your available choices, so you can have trouble-free experience of house buying.

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