Top 5 remote control helicopter with camera- Exclusive buying guide

Top 5 remote control helicopter with camera- Types and Uses,Drone and Remote controlled helicopter camera are trending after some of the massive upgrades in the technologies. We have seen different uses of drones that make it possible to record videos of the place where we could not reach. It has also made the cameraman’s work much easier than before.

Earlier, they had to ride the real helicopter that exposes them to several dangerous activities, while being expensive to use. However, using drones does not involve any injury risk, and is much affordable then the traditional method.

It is not limited to video recording as there are many other ways that you can use a remote controlled helicopter camera. People use RC drones to have fun with their friends by organizing different types of events with them.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the remote control helicopters with their uses and types. We will also cover the Top 5 remote control helicopter with camera that you can buy to get the live feed of your home, anytime you want.

So, let’s start with the different types of drones and how where they are used to record the videos.

Different type of Drones and Remote Control Helicopters

There are different types of drones with different features available in the market. Some of them are for professional uses such as recording videos, taking HD images, etc. While some of them are only to have some fun in your spare time.

We have divided them into two different categories that will help you choose the type of drone you need for yourself.

Types of remote control Helicopter with camera:

Toy Drones

These drones are for playing purposes and come with some security features. Children can play with these drones without many limitations as they can not be used to cover a large area. It is recommended for personal use and to play around your home area.

You can use them to take photos and videos of your home with the in-built camera of the drone. However, they have some limited features and capabilities and are advised to be used in safe places. These drones are affordable and do not require any permission to use in your area.

These drones are used for professional tasks such as covering a large area or recording an official video. These drones are generally expensive and require permission to use in a private and government area. You can take all the HD shots with these drones without spending much time on other resources.

These drones come with high-quality cameras and with extended range and height capabilities. There are several other features like Return to Land (RTL) and low-battery mode that makes it easier to use them for professional purposes.

Top 5 RC helicopters with Camera

Below is a list of top 5 RC helicopters with cameras that you can use to record high-quality videos.

Cheerwing W1PRO GPS Drone

Cheerwing W1PRO is a great helicopter with a camera to help you record everything on its way without any complicated controls. It comes with an easy to use single-button lift and land option that allows you to focus on the view of the camera. This RC helicopter comes with better stability and does not lose its focus while using it.

With this dual camera drone, you will not miss any important coverage on your view. It comes with an altitude hold feature that can keep it stable at the same position without blurring the live feed. Just connect it with your smartphone and enjoy the 1080P live feed from its camera.

Features of Cheerwing W1PRO GPS Drone

Dual Camera: It comes with a dual-camera including a 1080P front cam and 720p bottom camera. Additionally, you can check the feed of both the cameras at the same time.

Gesture Control: You no longer need to control the RC helicopter with this feature. The drone will follow your location and will work according to your gesture control.

Altitude Hold: It comes with an altitude hold so that you can record high-quality videos without worrying about the stability of the drone. It will keep the drone stable to its maximum height.

GPS Drones Camera 1080P

A great drone to help you get the proper view of your surroundings. GPS drone camera comes with features like GPS positioning that prevents your drone from losing the location. It will keep following your directions by using the GPS location of your smartphone.

Another great thing about this drone is its adjustable camera that can be rotated in any direction to get perfect feed. It means that you do not need to turn your drone every time you want a live feed from a new direction. The drone offers an 18 minute flight time in a single charge.

Features of the GPS Drones Camera 1080P

Follow me Mode: No more worries about controlling the drone while trying to get the perfect view of the feed. With this feature, you can simply focus on the live feed while the drone will chase your location through your GPS.

Orbit Mode: This feature will provide a proper view of the surroundings of your area. Just switch to this mode and it will keep rotating around the place to give you different views of the area.

Speed Control: You can also control the speed of the drone and use it as per your requirements.

One Key Control: The one-key feature allows the beginners to lift it without having problems with the controls.

Cheerwing U12S Mini RC Helicopter with Camera

Cheerwing U12S comes with a Wifi camera that not only shows you the live feed but also allows you to record videos. This drone is a great choice for beginners as it comes with an auto-hovering function to make it stable. You just need to connect it with your smartphone and enjoy the high-quality recording of your surroundings.

Another exciting thing about this drone is the fact that it does not go out of your range. The controller will alert you about the low battery of the drone, and will automatically start reversing it to your location.

If you are looking for an affordable remote control helicopter with a camera, then this is the right choice for you.

Features of the Cheerwing U12S Mini RC Helicopter

Low Battery Mode: No more worries of losing your drone on low battery. This feature alerts the user while the drone is running on the low battery. Additionally, it will also command the drone to return to your position while the battery is critical.

Altitude Hold: Use the altitude hold feature to get the stable live feed of a high altitude place. The drone will keep its place stable with the help of its sharp blades allowing you to get a proper view of the place.

Durable: It comes with flexible metal blades that ensure the durability of the drone. It is safer than most of the other drones and can be used for years without any maintenance.

SIMREX X300C Mini Drone RC Quadcopter

SImrex X300C allows you to record 360-degree angles with the same camera. This Quadcopter can move in any direction making the controlling easy and fun. You can make the 360-degree flip with quadcopter without any fear of losing the altitude and control over the drone.

You can use the control or your smartphone to control the drone. It comes with 3 different speed modes allowing you to participate and dominate any drone races with your friends. The product includes a phone holder that will allow you to get a better view while having full control over it.

Feature of SIMREX X300C Mini Drone

Foldable Design: This is the most advanced feature of this mini Drone. You can simply fold it and take it anywhere you want without letting someone know about it. You can easily keep it in your bag without any problem.

3 Speed Mode: Enjoy the 3-speed mode that gives you the freedom to take your drone under your command. You can decide the places where you want to spend more time with slow, medium, and high speed.

Dual Control: You can use the Dual Control Feature to control it with the controller as well as your smartphone. You can also draw the path for the drone to follow even when you are not giving it a command.

Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone with Camera

Are you looking for a drone with a 1080p HD recording? If yes then this is the right RC helicopter for you. It is a perfect drone for beginners that will help them to polish their skills of controlling the drones. The One Key take-off & landing feature makes it easier to control the drone while enjoying the feed.

You will fall in love with the design of this drone. Additionally, its safe flying feature will protect it from losing altitude and range in the low battery.

Features of Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone

Full HD live feed: It comes with a 1080p full HD live feed that has a range of 300m. It means you can enjoy the stable live feed without buying a new camera.

Follow Me: The follow me feature works with your GPS and follow your direction. You can easily take it anywhere without controlling the command of the drone.

Design The path: You can use the TapFly feature to design a path for your drone. It will follow the path that you design on your smartphone without even using the drone remote control.


Choosing the right remote controlled helicopter camera can be a challenging task. That too when there are thousands of attractive models in the market. However, most of them do not offer the important features that you may need in your drone.

This article on Top 5 RC helicopter camera will help you choose the right drone for you or your kids. All the mentioned helicopters come with different features and have some unique capabilities. However, you can easily decide the best RC helicopter by understanding and requirements and matching them with their features. Visit here To learn more about how to monitor remote workers

It is recommended to check our state’s privacy laws before using any of the above RC helicopters to avoid legal consequences.


Is it legal to use a Helicopter with Camera?

Every state has its terms and conditions for the use of Drone cameras and it is advised to follow the terms. However, they are banned in government-related departments to avoid security issues. You can still use drones to have some fun with your friends.

What happens when the Drone battery runs out in the air?

Drones indicate their battery level and alert the user when they try to use it on the low battery. Additionally, most of the drones can not be used in the low battery and ask you to charge them. However, if it happens then the drone automatically starts to lower the height and alerts you to land it.

What happens if the RC Drone gets out of our site?

You can use the drone camera to know its locations whenever you want. However, you can still use the in-built feature of the drones to make them return to the land from where they started.

Which is the best remote control helicopter with a camera?

Our list of top 5 remote control helicopter with camera will help you find the one that suits your needs. You can check them out and buy the one with the relevant features for your requirements.

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