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The 7 Best solar powered security camera in 2020

We are witnessing an era where technology has improved our lifestyle and the way we get our work done. The invention of solar panel electricity is a great way to divert our dependency from the traditional ways of getting power. However, today we are going to discuss some of the best solar powered security cameras that work great without any other source of power.

You are already familiar with the use and value of a security camera in our life. It can protect us from the security breaches by having a 24/7 recording of your homes and offices. Additionally, it is a great way to keep a record of the activities in your surroundings to make sure everything is fine.

We will also cover some of the crucial factors that should be considered while selecting a solar-powered security camera.

So, let’s start with our buying guide for Solar Powered Security Camera.

Buying Guide

Just like any other electronics, a solar-powered security camera requires proper research before making the decisions. They come with different features and specifications that suit the needs of different people.

Here are some common factors that should be considered before making a purchase:

Video Recording Features

The purpose of every type of security camera is to record high-quality videos. Hence, this should be the priority of every person before choosing a security camera. You can start with the video resolution of the camera to ensure it records HD videos.

Additionally, the frame rate of the camera also plays a vital role in ensuring the security of your home.

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor is another important feature that ensures that the camera can record all the time. It also helps in detecting the movement in the night time with the infrared technology.

The motion sensor also helps in deciding the correct position of the camera to cover a wide area.

Wired or Wireless

The best thing about the solar-powered security camera is that it can offer wireless recording services. Hence, it is necessary to know whether the camera is wired or wireless. You do not need to worry about the installation process in the wireless video cameras.

Additionally, they are easy to monitor from your mobile application with minimum efforts.

Waterproof and DustProof Features

Some of the security cameras provide an additional layer of security to protect it from water and dust. They have some covers that make them waterproof while maintaining the recording quality of the camera.

It is necessary to look for this feature to use a camera for a long time.


There is no meaning of looking for a security camera that does not fit one’s budget. The security camera must provide all the features at an affordable rate. Hence, it is crucial to look at every camera by combining its features and the price.

Many cameras are providing excellent quality at an affordable rate.

Reolink Argus Solar Powered Camera

Reolink has never failed to amaze us with its advanced and effective security cameras. The argus solar-powered camera is a great pick for someone looking for an affordable security camera with necessary features.

It is a wireless solar-powered camera that can support up to 10 users to monitor the activities. It is a great way to ensure that everyone is alright in your home or workplace while you are away. The best thing about this camera is that it provides live audio to track the activities.

The Videos are recorded in a Micro SD card that can support up to 64 GB of storage. Hence, we can say that it is a complete solar security camera that works great in all ways.

Popular Features:

  • HD recording with 1080P along with the Night Vision support
  • 33 Ft. recording feature with clear video quality
  • Supports offline and cloud storage for easy monitoring.
  • Wifi Support at 2.4 GHz network.

Solar Powered Camera by Soliom

Here is another exciting security camera that records the High Definition videos. It comes with a remarkable design that makes it one of the most popular security cameras in 2020. It works with the solar panel and is equipped with a 4000mah battery to keep it going on all the time. You can expect 24 hours of recording from their security camera.

It is popular for its wide area that can cover 160-degree angles at any position. Additionally, it can record objects as far as 50ft of distance. The motion sensor of this camera works within the distance of 15 ft, to alert the user about the movement within a second. You just need to install their application to connect your device to receive alerts.

Popular features of Solar Powered Camera by Soliom

  • You can adjust the motion sensibility of this camera to avoid unnecessary alerts.
  • 50 ft video recording range to ensure there is no security breach.
  • New and attractive design to suit your office designs.

Lemnoi Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera

This powerful security camera by Lemnoi is one of the most selling cameras in the market. It allows you to record 1080p full HD videos with a 33ft distant coverage. This security camera is equipped with an advanced motion sensor that works great in dim light to sense the movement,

All the live feed can be stored in the 64GB SD card that is expandable by the user side. Additionally, it can cover a 130-degree angle to provide wide footage of the outside of your home.

Key Features

  • 6 Infrared LEDs to sense the movement in front of the camera.
  • Free cloud storage for the first week from the manufacturers.
  • Expandable storage for offline video recording.

CTVISON CT-SPBC Security Camera

If you are looking for a great design in a security camera, then this is what you are looking. It is an attractive camera that comes with multiple features to secure your home and office. The best thing is that it is easy to install with just four screws in the holder.

Additionally, the security camera can be configured with Alexa to access it whenever you want. The video recording quality is 1080p which is a great fit for the security camera.

Key Features

  • It offers 33 to 50 ft of recording coverage at a given angle.
  • Works great with amazon Alexa by basic configuration.
  • Does not require additional power source due to its 200mah battery.

RaceTek Solar Powered Camera

With HD video recording support, RaceTek has created an amazing security camera for its users. It comes with a battery capability of 6400mah that is highest in our list. This camera can work for a long time without needing a power cut to recharge the battery with its panel.

Additionally, the camera can cover a wide area of 106-degree angle with its powerful infrared LEDs. However, the distance of 33Ft seems like a little less, considering its price and other features.

Key Features

  • 1080p Video Recording with full-time video recording feature.
  • 106 degrees is for better coverage of the outside of your office.
  • 64GB storage support to keep the recordings for further use.

EverSecu Solar Powered Security Camera

It is a great outdoor camera that does not make any power cut while recording the videos. Additionally, live streaming allows you to know what is happening at your home or workplace while you are not there. The sound quality is pretty good and works great even for distant conversations.

The motion detector and the instant alert makes it an amazing security camera. Additionally, IP65 weatherproof technology protects it in every type of weather.

Key Features

  • It is a wireless camera that saves you all the installation time and effort.
  • The induction lamp turns on the light after sensing a human at the night time.
  • The battery capacity of 5200 mah for seamless recording and live streaming process.

ViewZone Security Camera Solar Paneled

ViewZone has never let us done when it comes to quality security cameras. This camera comes with a 6400mah battery for better recording experience. It comes with the triggered recording that records after sensing the movement in the area.

Additionally, the 104-degree lens is equipped with infrared LEDs for convenient recording experience. You can use the Tosee App to monitor the stream of the security camera.

Key Features

  • Wireless technology that does not require any installation process.
  • Easy monitoring with the Tosee App that comes with the device.
  • Trigger recording saves the power and storage of the device by recording only when there is a movement.


The solar-powered security camera is a great pick for your home. It helps in recording the videos without facing any power cut with its advanced technology. The 7 best solar powered security cameras that we have covered in this article work fine for us.

We recommend choosing the security camera after reading their features to fulfill your requirements. Additionally, you can check their price from the reference link to know which one is the right choice for you.

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