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How to Setup Spy Camera for Car -Top 5 Car Spy Cameras

Today we are going to learn more about How to Setup Spy Camera for Car -Top 5 Car Spy Cameras, Have you ever seen those spying movies where they use some odd places to use the cameras? A lot of people believe in using Spycams in their or someone else’s cars to know what they are doing. Most of the parents want to keep an eye on their children to know if they are rash driving on the road. Hence, the popularity of the car Spy camera is increasing day by day.

Why use hidden Spy camera for car?

Everyone has their reasons to get a spy cam for their car. Some people want to know that their car is safe with the spycam recording. Some people want to use the GPS in Spycams to keep track of their car’s location.

You must have seen some instances where people use your car and say that they have not caused the scratches. This is where these spy cameras work and help you find out what happened when you were not around. The camera captures every incident that can be viewed through your mobile application or its recording.

Some things to Consider while Buying A hidden camera for Car

Battery Back-up: The camera should have a long battery back-up as you may not get a chance to change the batteries more often. You can simply check the battery backup of each camera from the features section.

Disguised as Other Objects: Buying a car spy camera that looks like another object is the best way to ensure that you never get caught. There are thousands of Spy cameras in the market that come in toys and other shapes.

Size: The size of the camera should be small as you will be hiding them in a small place.

Audio Compatibility: Audio compatibility is one of the most important things to look for in a car spy camera. It gives you another way to find out what exactly was happening in your car when someone borrowed it from you.

Top 5 Hidden cameras for cars

Now, as you know how to set up a camera. Let’s have a look at the top 5 spy cameras for your car. These cameras are tested by users and have been working great for them.

Cam 360 Key Chain Spy Cam

Cam 360 is a great spy cam for your car that starts recording the video when it detects the motion. It is one of the most famous Spy cams as it is disguised as a keyChain and does not let anyone find out about it. It means that Finally, you can spy on anyone without hiding the Spy camera in your car.

You can simply place it in your car and let it record everything that happens there. It records videos in HD quality 1080 pixels that allow you to monitor every activity. So, if you are looking for a camera to record proof of any car incident, you should go with Cam 360 spy cam.

Features of Cam 360 Spycam:

Motion Detector: The motion detector lets you save your storage by recording the video only when it detects the motion. It will automatically start recording the moment there is a motion in your car.

SD card Support: It supports SD cards up to 32GB Storage. It means that you can leave it on recording for a long time without having to worry about formatting it.

Night Vision: This feature allows you to record the activities even in the night time. It will automatically start using night vision after encountering the low light surroundings.

High-Quality Recording: It records 1080 pixels high-resolution videos to present as proof in case of a car incident.

Zett Max IR

Zett Max IR is another great option to record the activities of your car while keeping it on the dashboard. It looks like a small box that does not let the person know about the camera and its position. You can find all the important features in this camera without that you will need to record the incident.

It has an additional feature to deal with the fake motion alert with its PIR technology. It reads the heat rays of human beings to know whether a person is there in your car or not. We can say that this is a great choice for people looking for a reliable spying solution.

Features of Zett Max IR

Day/Night Recording: It comes with different features to help you record the activities in daylight and nightlight as well. The night vision starts automatically with a motion sensor.

Voice-triggering Recording: Camera will start recording after it senses a voice in the car. Additionally, it uses a motion sensor to know the right time to record the activities.

Disable Audio: You can disable the voice recording if you feel like recording the video only.

Wifi Keychain Spy Camera

The best hidden cameras for cars are the ones that can be placed anywhere without worrying about getting caught. This is the reason behind the popularity of the wifi keychain spy camera that allows you to monitor your car activities remotely.

Additionally, you can control the camera features remotely such as start/stop recording. The camera starts recording after sensing a movement or a sound in your car. It gives you the freedom to leave it on recording mode without worrying about recording unwanted clips.

Features of Keychain Spy Camera

1080P Recording: It records high-quality videos in 1080 resolution that allows you to record every activity. Additionally, you get to control the video recording to record the important clips only.

21-hour recording: It can record as much as 21 hours of high-quality video clips that keeps running while you are away. You can control the video files through wifi.

P2P setup: The camera is connected peer to peer through wifi network and provides a secure way to monitor your car activities.

Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Security

A great camera for those looking for a reliable spying solution for their car. It works on the concept of motion sensor and records only when it senses a movement in the car. You can also use it to record a secret conversation as it is small in size and does not draw attention.

It can record pictures and images without letting the other person know about it. You can use it as an office surveillance camera or as your car hidden camera to record the incident.

Features of Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Security

Charge while Record: It is the main feature of the camera as it can record the video while being charged. It means that you can simply connect it with a charger and use it as long as you want.

32 GB Supported: It can support up to a 32GB SD card to record the videos. However, there is no in-build storage memory with the device.

Night Vision: It offers the night vision feature to record the videos in the night light.

Pyle Dash Cam Rearview Mirror

It is considered as one of the best-hidden camera for car. The product is a rearview mirror that contains a secret camera to record every activity around your car. It is a great way to record the surroundings of your car as it is the most important area to record, in case of a robbery. Additionally, you can simply attach the camera to your current rearview mirror without getting a new one.

Features of the Pyle Dash Cam Rearview Mirror

Dual Camera: It comes with a dual-camera system that records the interior and exterior of your car to provide full security.

Waterproof: The camera is water-resistant and does not need additional care in the rain.

HD recording: It can record HD videos in 1080 resolution without taking up much space in the SD card.

How to set up a spy camera in your Car?

A hidden car camera can help you know a lot about your car and its condition when you are not around. However, most people wonder how they can hide a camera in their car without letting anyone know.

Just follow these steps to hide a Spy Camera in your car:

Buy a Spy Camera

First of all, you need to find a perfect spy camera for your car that records high-quality videos covering a large area. Don’t worry as we have already created a list of top 5 car spy cameras for you. Just choose any of them and be ready to set it up in your car secretly.

Find the best place to hide the camera

It is the main part of the process as you need to find a place in your car to hide the spycam. We recommend looking for a place that covers all the areas of your car with proper lights. You can fit it on the dashboard and hide it properly.

The location of the cam depends on your motive for installing a spy camera. For example: If you are installing the camera to record the thief’s face (in case of car theft) then you would want to place it somewhere behind the steering. While a camera at the center of the dashboard would work best to get a recording of every area of your car.

The position of the camera matters as you do not want to get caught while trying to capture everything in your car. So, it is better to keep it hidden, even if it means blocking a view of the car.

Cover it with an Object

After hiding the camera, you need to cover it with some object leaving the lens of the camera open. It is recommended to hide it with an object that rarely changes its position in your car. It can be a mirrored chain or anything that is generally stuck to its position.

Another great way to cover a camera is by putting it inside an object. Just get a rubber ball or any other toy and place it on your dashboard by hiding the camera inside it. No one can ever guess that the soft toy is spying on them all the time they drive your car.

You can also buy a disguised camera placed inside a car essential tool. You can find a lot of cameras disguised as a car fragrance bottle in the market.

Test the recording

It is time to test your spy camera and find out whether it is working or not. Just activate the camera and record a demo video to know the video quality and camera placement. You should also check if the camera makes any sound while starting or ending the video recording.

If the video covers the main parts of the car and records everything in high quality, you can simply put it back and restart the recording.

Another way to test it is by asking a trusted person to take a ride and ask them if they find something odd in the car. If they say that everything was alright then the camera is good to go.

Final Words

With the increasing crime rates, it became really important to have a spy camera in your car. It records every single thing happening in your car even when you are on a vacation. You can use all the collected proofs to use in legal action against the person who tried to harm your car.

There are many other functions of using a spy cam for your car as well. You can keep an eye on your children and know if they are rash driving with their friends. The hidden cameras for cars that we have covered in this article can help you monitor and document your kid’s behavior as well.

It is recommended to hide the camera at a secret place or to use a disguised camera to ensure none knows about it.

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