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The Best Canvas Prints: 10 Best Styles for Any Home

Fan of indie art? Want to give a retro, artistic touch to your house? Or, like covering your walls with memorabilia? Yes, there can be a variety of ways in which you want to style your homes. However, what if we told you that all of these styling options could be covered using a printed canvas?

Yes, it’s possible. Today, you can explore a variety of options using canvas prints. These prints (not to be confused with a painted art) are images printed over a canvas. Once printed, the canvas is then stretched onto a frame, giving the online canvas print an artistic touch at pocket-friendly pricing.

Now that you know how stylish and affordable these prints are, let’s uncover some of the best ways to style your home using these prints.

Styling Options for Your Home

1. Canvas Collage:

Having a photo collage canvas hung on your wall is one of the perfect mediums to dictate a story to your visitors. A canvas collage represents a cluster of multiple images (either random or in a sequence), generally highlighting a set of memorable events. A suitable option for revamping your house in a limited space, these canvases resonate with a particular theme.

When you decide to get a canvas collage printed for your house, you can either consider adding random images to your print or create a sentimental border around a photo with a larger pixel dimension.

2. Split Canvas Prints:

Another attractive canvas print that is sure to be the center of attraction for your home is using the split canvas print to create a striking visual for your home. These prints make a unique effect by incorporating multiple canvases to display one single image.

Confused about placing it in your home? You can easily split one single image across multiple panels, allowing you to weave your own story, either from top to bottom, or from side to side. Further, you could also make your pieces flow towards a center point.

3. Framed Canvas:

The idea of using framed canvas is simple; these art pieces add to the depth and texture of the print. Giving you an edge over the traditional printed canvas, these pieces can be easily paired to fancy frames, adding to the wall’s overall appeal.

When you opt for framed canvases, you can experiment with the overall look that it portrays to the wall. Further, with the availability of multiple framing styles and a combination of matte colors, you can easily incorporate framed canvas to create a signature look for your space.

4. Pop Art Canvas:

Pop music is a part of our cultural heritage that a majority of people love to highlight on their walls. Adding those colorful bits of art pieces adds a boho, hippie look to the supporting wall, giving it a unique personality. Adding pop art canvas to your wall helps you transform any design or cultural artist into a playful masterpiece.

Have a knack for your customization? Yes, you can design your own caricature too!

5. Panoramic Canvas Prints:

Displaying a Panoramic canvas art can be a great option if you like life-size displays, covering your wall. Generally displaying brilliant shots of nature, wildlife, or a landscape, you can easily opt for a panoramic print if you want to cover a part of your house with your family portrait or a group picture.

A panoramic display adds to the focal point for any wall around your house. Further, you can also get creative while placing these art pieces. Have a small space? Consider adding a vertically printed panoramic canvas for such a setting.

6. The Basic Canvas Print:

Because getting back to basics can be a great way to reconnect with your styling cues inside a house. Opting for a basic canvas print can be a great option if you prefer not to be bound to specific interior choices.  

Additionally, having some free-hanging, frameless canvas prints around your home provides you with an opportunity to revamp your styling. You can easily switch these prints across multiple locations inside your abode.

7. Mosaic Canvas Prints:

You could opt for the mosaic print, if you are still confused between a split panel canvas and a collage canvas print. Opting for a Mosaic canvas print brings you the best of both worlds! These prints are like the two styles incorporated in one.

Mosaic canvas is like split panel canvas, printed over a single canvas to give you the fantastic effect of multiple canvases. Further, the wide variety of customization options, ranging from a tiled development to ceramic artwork, offers your home a new sense of styling.

8. Hexagon Canvas Prints:

Probably the freshest, space-efficient canvas idea on our list, having some little floating hexagonal shelves around your house can bring in flavors of both art & trend. Adding a hexagon canvas print can be a great way to enhance your wall design by strategically highlighting your walls with a large collection of photos or events.

Further, with hexagon canvas prints on display, you can easily scatter them across your abode to display a nontraditional photo presentation.

9. Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print:

A refreshing take on single-piece canvas, prints with gallery-wrapped edges make your canvas look more appealing.  These printed canvas pictures are professionally stretched around a wooden frame, giving a seamless finish to the print. This way, you can easily display your art, without limiting it to the edges.

You can easily opt for gallery-wrapped prints if you want to highlight contemporary displays around your house.

10. Rolled Canvas Prints:

Stretched canvas might not suit the taste of everyone! Having a stretched canvas around your abode might not be as appealing as a rolled print for the minimalist interior designer in you. Having such prints that can be displayed or showcased on demand can be an excellent option for most owners. 

You can consider the option of using rolled canvas prints to display posters of your favorite band or movie. Or, you might also want to print some romantic posters to enhance the ambiance on cozy occasions. 


Listed above were all the possible prints that we think would bring out the best of design and ambiance of your abode. However, while you are customizing your art piece, ensure that are able to do it the best way possible. Your memories deserve to be displayed in the highest possible quality!  

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